Picture of a Nanteon Jake.

The Jake is the currency of the Kingdom of Nanteos. The nation of Silla also uses their own version of the Jake known as the Sillian Jake. Although there have been talks about making a single Dirian currency all of those talks have fallen through.

Nanteon Jake

The Nanteon Jake is the official currency of the Kingdom of Nanteos. The Nanteon Jake is equivalent to about 1 Sillian Jake, 15 bulletas, 4 Rosas, and 36 Blackshells. The Nanteon Jake comes in 1, 5, 10, 12, 20, 40, and 100 bill increments. The 1 Jake has the word "Jake" written in the circle. The 5 features a Royal Lion, similar to the one found on the Powell Family coat of arms or in the left hand corner of the flag of the Kingdom of Nanteos. The 10 bill features a picture of Nanteon chancellor Sir Allistar Hyatt. The 12 features a picture of the 12th Chancellor of Nanteos, Carter Simms. The 20 has third King of Nanteos, King William I. The 100 contains a likeness of 4th King of Nanteos and first Chancellor of Nanteos, George Fawkes.

Sillian Jake

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