Planet known to the Sillians and Nanteons

Jakovia is the planet upon which the continent of Dirio is found. The nations of Silla and the Kingdom of Nanteos are found here. Other nations including the Felate Isles, Blackacre, Varland, and Deeland are also found on the planet.

Exploration of Jakovia


Early Map of Jakovia done by J appricott of Acornia.

Jakovia has not been well explored. This is in part due to the Nanteon and Sillian belief that people outside of Dirio are morally inferior. They beleive this is reflected by the inferior technology used to the south and the inferior government structures used to the northwest. Although in recent years, King William IV has sent the Nanteon military to expllore the Hea and Black Seas for proof of the famed continent of Cyberia where the Knights of Nanteos claimed origin. The Sillian have conducted similar projects in the past to determine where the Orionese originated from, but those missions proved fruitless.

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