James Kahn

10th Chancellor of Nanteos
10th Chancellor of Nanteos
King when Assumed office King William III
Preceded by Donald Cerrone
Succeeded By General Fraid White

Born Acornia
Political party Freedom Party
Defeated Admiral Allan Billows
Religion Baptist

James Kahn was the 10th Chancellor of Nanteos, Former Minister of Finance, and CEO of Kahn furniture located in Acornia.

Early Life

Kahn grew up in the fast growing city of Acornia. He was always sickly as a child, but was sent to Southbeach to attend the University of Southbeach. After graduating with a degree in business, Kahn joined the Griffon Guard to help guard the Sillian border.

Furniture Company

After spending a long and successful career as a Griffon Guard, Kahn came back home and started a furniture company which grew big enough to supply the entire eastern half of the Kingdom of Nanteos. He also was able to have stores in cities such as Nanteos.

Entrance into Politics

Kahn became very active in the Freedom Party after achieving wealth. He funded candidates such as, Devan Hester, John Haley, and Donald Cerrone. During the chancellery of Donald Cerrone, Kahn was appointed minister of finance and became a big name in the Freedom Party. Kahn grew disenchanted with Cerrone's political battles with the royal familiy and convinced the party to drop Cerrone mid-term.

Tour of Nanteos

Kahn decided to take a tour of the kingdom to truly hear people's thoughts on all things. He went to every major city of Kingdom and held several meetings with its people. He also spoke frequently about how poor the Cerrone economy was.

Chancellor Kahn

After Cerrone's term, Kahn ran for Chancellor and narrowly defeated Moralist Party candidate Admiral Allan Billows. Kahn was able to turn the economy around to an extent, but had his plans take hits when money was taken out to fund the Felate Isles War. Kahn decided not to run for a third term after finding out he had cancer.

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