James Lanttern
James Lanttern

13th Chancellor of Nanteos
13th Chancellor of Nanteos
King when Assumed office King William III
Preceded by Carter Simms
Succeeded by Sir William Hyatt

Born Russleville
Political party Moralist Party
Defeated Gloria Montell
Police Officer and Writer
Religion Baptist

James "The Bull" Lanttern was the 13th Chancellor of Nanteos and a former councilor of Southbeach. He was appointed by the council when his predecessor Carter Simms was assassinated. After serving out the rest of Cartter's term, the Freedom Party chose Lanttern to run for Chancellor for his own full term. He defeated Gloria Montell (the first woman to run for the Chancellery) and would rule until announcing he would no longer seek the office. He was succeeded by Sir William Hyatt

Personal Life

James Lanttern still resides in his home in Southbeach with his wife Lori Lanttern and their 2 daughters. James has retired from politics and is currently a writer for the Southbeach Times, Southbeach's leading newspaper.

Before entering into politics, James Lanttern was the chief of police for the Southbeach police department. He gained notable fame when he captured an international weapons smuggler. The smuggler had chemical warheads that were to be sold to Silla. He achieved his nickname when news reporters said he was "as tough as a bull on crime."

Political Career

James Lanttern ran for councilor of Southbeach with the Freedom Party and won a seat with 77% of the vote. He voted against the Freedom Party councilors on several abortion laws and is a known pro-life supporter.

Lanttern a rising star in the Freedom Party was asked to take the Chancellery after the assassination of Chancellor Carter Simms. The Party wanted someone who looked strong to lead the nation during the time of crisis and potential war. Lanttern accepted and won a term in his own right by defeating Gloria Montell of Jasper.

Time as chancellor

Lanttern's term was marked with trouble from the beginning. A scandal in Southbeach where he supposedly sold his old chief of police job sprung up causing him to lose favor with voters. Then a recession hit the Kingdom of Nanteos harder than any other ever had. A hurricane wrecked his hometown of Southbeach and he was blamed for slow response time of first responders. Lanttern famously claimed that 13 was an unlucky number. He said that his spot as the 13th Chancellor had doomed him. Lanttern's critics blamed it on his bad organizational skills and lack of experience. Lanttern refused to run for a second term. Instead the Freedom Party chose Dr. John Lowe mayor of Soutbeach and a critic of Lanttern's administration to run for the office.

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