Janus shuttle

The V1 Janus

The Janus Space program was a space-shuttle mission of the Europa Space Agency. After disastera with the Venus Space Program and the Supermarellis he ESA backed out of space shuttle building until 1978. New chairman Michal Kováč (in office from 1977-1983) began a massive program which resulted in the V1 Janus shuttle of 1984. The V1 Janus was launched from ontop a plane but it did not release and they both burned up.

A V2 Janus made in 1985 took off from a Navona Rocket and successfully carried 4 astronauts (Marco Grosso, Ivana Vukic, Bamir Topi and Mario Petrelli) into space (mission MS-1). The re-entry was successful and they received a hero’s welcome on arrival. An updated V3 Janus ship was launched for mission MS-2 in 1986, and it completed 5 more missions, the last one being MS-6 in 1994.

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