Jeremiah Wilson
Gen. Jeremiah Wilson
Commander of the Imperial Command in Africa (ICIA)
Assumed office
3 March, 2008
Personal details
Born15 November, 1961
Buffalo, New York
Political partyN/A
ProfessionMilitary Commander
General Jeremiah Wilson of the Imperial American Armed Forces is the overall commander of the military of the American Empire in Sub-Saharan Africa. He was given his position March 3rd, 2008 by Emperor Augustin Judge, and has served with distinction since then. He was a U.S. general before the Political Crisis of 2007, and remained out of the political debacle during the empire's early years. However, the Imperial government requested his help in reforming the military, and following that, he was given his commision as the first four-star general in the Imperial American military. He has kept his part in politics at a minimal, viewing that sector of the government as one he wants to keep clear of. So far, he has avoided the landmine of joining one of American Empire's political parties, which would call for his morals to be shifted to fit their agendas.


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