Jessie Luis Alcosto
Jessie Carnley

1st Vice President of the Southwest Republic
In office
Preceded by None
Spouse Maria Robles
Children Son - Angel Acosto

January 18, 1966 Albuquerque, New Mexico
Residence Desert HouseHoneybee, Utah
Profession Military, Politics
Religion Protestant
Languages English, Spanish

Jessie Luis Alcosto (born January 18, 1966) is the first and current Vice President of the Southwest Republic, nominated by Ahiga Johnson, and approved by the Senate. Before the Second American Civil War, Carnley was a Lieutenant General in the United States Marine Corps, before defecting to Deseret in 2005.


Early Life

Jessie Luis Alcosto was born in Albuquerque, New Mexico on January 18, 1966 to Alex Acosto and June Calvo. His father was born in Barcelona, Spain, but immigrated to the United States in 1937 following the rise of Francisco Franco and Francoist Spain. His mother, June Calvo, was borned in Miami, Florida, but her family moved to New Mexico, due to her father being employed at the Los Almos Research Center in assistance of developing the first atomic bomb. 

Borned into the post-World War II economic boom of the United States, Acosto was able to recieve a good education in high school, attending Albuquerque High School. In high school, he played football and ran track and field. Upon graduating from high school in 1984, Alcosto enlisted into the United States Marine Corps.

Military Service

Upon completing training in the United States Marine Corps, Alcosto was deployed to Liberia in support of the Joint Task Force Sharp Edge, which resulted in the rescuing of thousands of American, British, and French nationals from Liberia. During Operation: Desert Storm, Alcosto recieved a bullet to the leg, forcing him to recover in the United States for the remainder of the conflict, but was able to partake in combat operations in Somolia in 1992 through to 1995. By the end of the century, Alcosto was at the rank of Lieutenant General, where he remained for the duration of his service with the Marine Corps.

Core Beliefs

Jessie Alcosto has a mix of conservative and liberal views. He is a strong supporter of the first amendment, gun ownership and the second amendment, vigilantism, self-defense rights, and capital punishment. Alcosto does not support nor oppose gay marriage. However, Alcosto believes that homosexual and transexual individuals have the right to adopt a child, have equal access to healthcare, and be protected from hate crimes. He is a strong supporter of stem cell research, stating that humanity has the power to combat "incurable" diseases, such as cancer or HIV/AIDS. Alcosto does not support abortion, unless the mother is a victim of rape, incest, the fetus has a confirmed birth defect, or the life of the mother is threatened. He is a strong supporter of torture against terrorists and criminals, but does not agree with torturing civilians, prisoners of war, or non-combants. He strongly believes that the foreign intervention is neccessary to keep the peace, even if the operation violates international law.

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