The Jewish Council (simply the Council among Canadian Jewry) is a statutory body established in 1946 by the Jewry Act. It is tasked with representing the interests of the Jewish citizens and inhabitants of the Greater Canadian Federation, and also has some governmental authority over Jews and, more specifically, the Williamsland Territory. The Council consists of 15 members, all appointed by the Prime Minister, of which 8 are Canadian Aryans and 7 are Jewish. The Council is an independent government institution, and therefore not directly subject to any of the cabinet ministries. The Chairperson is Aaron Grossman, a Jew, who also acts as the chief executive of Williamsland.


Legislative basis


Current members

  • Hon. Aaron Grossman (Jewish) (Chairperson) - Chief Executive of Williamsland
  • Vincent Roy (Aryan) (Deputy Chairperson) - Inspector General of Williamsland
  • Benjamin Meir (Jewish) - Director of the Williamsland Development Corporation
  • Michael Shapiro (Jewish) - Director of the Williamsland Immigration Control Office
  • Hon. Nicholas Blum (Jewish) - Deputy Chairperson of the Williamsland Immigration Tribual
  • Leah Martin (Jewish) - Director of the Canadian Jewish Women's League
  • Hon. Solomon Lowe (Jewish) - Mayor of Amundsen
  • Daniel Adams (Jewish) - Deputy Director of the Jewish Law Association
  • Bradley Cote (Aryan) - Branch Chief of the Office of Racial Affairs and Eugenics (Special Services Division)
  • Alexander Williams (Aryan) - Chief Inspector of the Williamsland Police
  • Nathan Scott (Aryan) - Regional Government (The North) Liaison
  • Lt.Col. Anton Hall (Aryan) - Armed Forces Liaison
  • Catherine Anderson (Aryan) - National Women's League Liaison
  • Jordan King (Aryan) - Office of State Affairs Liaison
  • Brandon Morrison (Aryan) - Ministry of Culture and Moral Guidance Liaison

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