John, Duke of Cornwall
Prince John, Duke of Cornwall
Born 2nd June 1978
Bath, Somerset, Wessex and Cornwall
Spouse Victoria, Duchess of Cornwall
House House of Rosewarne
Father George, Duke of Avon
Mother Anna II
Religion Atheist
Prince John, Duke of Cornwall (John Edward Rosewarne, Born 21 June 1978, Age 34) is the current Duke of Cornwall, and eldest son, heir apparant of Anna II and George, Duke of Avon. Since his birth, John's title has been His Royal Highness Prince John, Duke of Cornwall. John has been the official Duke of Cornwall since XXXX, at the age of 23.

John founded the Prince's Trust in 1986, which helps young and homeless people within Wessex and Cornwall, aswell as FarmAid, a charity targeted at teaching the population of the Sahel region of Africa how to sustainably farm, of which, younger sister, Anna III, Princess Royal, is a major volunteer. 

John attended King Edward's School in Bath, and later went on to study at Bath College, and went to Bath University, gaining a Bachelor in Arts and History. John married Victoria, Duchess of Cornwall in 1992, whom he had two children with, Felicity and Edward, in 1993 and 1997 respectively. 


Titles, Styles and Coat


Official Coat of the Duke of Cornwall


John's Coat displays the Coat of the Duchy of Cornwall, with the Crown of the Prince and Duke of Wessex. The Coat displays 15 Bezants, which is a traditional symbol of Cornwall. 

Titles and Styles

John' official title as of 2013 is His Royal Highness Prince John, Duke of Cornwall. However this title differs throughout Wessex. In Cornwall, John is only referred to as the Duke of Cornwall, while in the rest of Wessex he is referred to as both a Prince and the Duke. In the Overseas Territories of Wessex, John is referred to as Prince John, without the Duke of Cornwall title.