John C. Moore
John C. Moore
2nd Prime Minister of the United States
In office
August 31, 2012 – September 12, 2012
Personal details
Born30 July 1953
Wichita, Kansas
Spouse(s)Erika Moore
ProfessionPolitical Historian
John Christopher Moore was the second Prime Minister and notable Congressman from Kansas's 4th Congressional District. Moore was the second liberal Prime Minister to be elected since the collaspe of the United States. He is notable for his views to its neighboring countries - particullary the Union of Everett, and is very scepical on the intentions of country.


Born in Witichia, Kansas on July 30th, 1953 to an middle-class family located in the suburbs of Wichita, Kansas. He graduated from East Wichita in 1970 and was accepted into Wichita State University and graduated in 1988 with an degree in political science and foreign relations. He ran and gained office for the 4th Kansas Congressional District and served until 2003.


In August 31, 2012, Moore recieved Jackson's position as Prime Minister, following the assassination of Thomas Jackson by an unknwon supporter. Following Jackson's assissination, More has increased the security for government officials, and has ordered mayors of every major city to position high-tech security systems along the roof tops of every skyscraper that has a perfect view of a major government building.

On September 12th, 2012, Moore was removed from power after pro-Imperialist and Conservative members in the government removed Moore from power on the charges of conspiracy against the United States and its moral values.

Core Beliefs

President Moore has openly supported certain LGBT Right's, but doesn't approve of gay marriage. Moore is a strong opponent of abortion. Moore supports capital punishment and torture methods, but partially's supports the subject of stem cell research. Moore is a strong supporter of weapons of mass destruction, but disapproves of radiological, biological, and chemical agents to be used as WMD's. Moore does not believe in innocent until proven guilty, assisted suicide, criminal rights, and foreign interference. Moore has openly supported the First and Second Amendments of the US Constitution.

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