John Kane

President of Eldorado

Assumed office : March 1, 2009

Vice President :

Michael D. Bernheim (2009-2014)             Nancy Sanchez (2014 -)

Preceded by : Bob Fox 

Eldorado Senator from Stetson County

April 6, 1994 - March 1, 2009

Personal details

Born : Jonathan Lennox Kane      

August 6, 1962  , Stetson City

Nationality : Eldoradan

Political Party : Liberal Party

Spouse : Cassandra Kane

Profession : Lawyer

Religion : Christian

Jonathan Lennox Kane, commonly known as "John Kane", is the current President of the Republic of Eldorado and a leading member of the Liberal Party.

Early life

Jonathan Lennox Kane was born on August 6, 1962 in Stetson Central Hospital, Stetson City.

His mother Ann Bowen (1930 - 2011), a Spanish teacher in Stetson,  was mostly of mixed Irish and Spanish ancestry. His father Lennox Kane (1929 - 2006), was an important lawyer who's ancestor George Kane had emigrated from Scotland in 1826.

His parents met at Dalton College in Stetson in 1952. They married in 1956. 

John was the last of three children, Olivia, born in 1957, and Isabelle, born in 1960.

The children were brought up in the upper middle class suburb of Amber Falls, Stetson City. They grew up in the Roman Catholic faith, the religion of their mother.


After graduating from Las Tapas University Law school in 1988, Kane started to take interest in politics. In 1989, he joined the Liberal Party, because his girlfriend Cassandra was a leader of the young liberals. This decision didn't please his father, a strong supporter of the Federalist Party.


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