John Pruvo
John Pruvo
John Pruvo
Commander of the Allied States 6th Army
Personal details
Born16 April 1957
Gilbert, Arizona
Spouse(s)Gabriela Pruvo
ProfessionCareer soldier

John Roberto Vasquez Pruvo or John Pruvo (born 16 April, 1957) is an Allied States Army officer currently acting as the Commander of the Allied States 6th Army. Pruvo was born in the Arizonian town of Gilbert, on 16 April 1957. He joined the United States Army at the age of 16, dropping out of school, and has attained a Medal of Honor for his brief service during the US invasion of Panama.

Early life

Pruvo was born in the town of Gilbert, Arizona on 16 April 1957 along with his twin sister, Maria. The Pruvo family is of Spanish descent. John's father immigrated to the United States from Mexico nine years prior to John's birth, and met his mother, a house maid in Gilbert only two years prior. John's father worked as a lawyer while his mother stayed at home. Since a young age, Pruvo has aspired to join the military, and despite objections from his parents, he dropped out of school at the age of 16 to join the US Army.

Military career

Although starting slow, by age of 25, Pruvo already held the rank of Staff Sergeant. When the United States invaded Panama in 1989, Pruvo was already a Captain with the 7th Infantry Division. He received the Medal of Honor when he pulled three troopers out of a collapsed building, despite warnings that the structure could further collapse on top of them. Within the next five years, Pruvo made the rank of Major and eventually was promoted to Lieutenant Colonel when he was offered an administrative job at Fort Huachuca, Arizona in 2001.

When the Allied States started its secession proceedings, Pruvo was deployed to help keep the peace and secure national integrity. By the time of the secession of the Six States, Pruvo was, against his will at first, drafted into the Allied States Military. After making peace with his situation, Pruvo went on the serve the Allied States with distinction. Pruvo was promoted to full general in early 2011 (from his old rank of Major General) and offered the position of Commander of the Allied States 6th Army. Pruvo accepted, and to this day serves in that position.

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