John "Jack" Isaac Wordsmith (August 24th, 1987 - present) is a British author, business magnate, maid, chef, and gardener. Wordsmith was the sole heir of Britain's wealthiest shipping company owner, Albert Wordsmith, and inherited the entirety of his estate. With his estate came many properties across the world and shares in different companies, which Wordsmith then sold for another boost in income. The personal finances of Jack Wordsmith are estimated to be around £18.6 billion, which would make him the wealthiest person residing in the United Kingdom and the 21st wealthiest in the world.

John Isaac was born in Oxford, Oxfordshire, in 1987 as the single child of Albert and Grace Wordsmith. For most of his life, Wordsmith remained in his father's Oxfordshire estate near the village of Aston. He was relatively ignored by his parents until he reached the age of 14, when the two experienced a near death experience by accidentally sailing into a large storm in the Irish Sea. With his parents both having died in an aeronautic incident above Essex in late 2009, he inherited the entirety of their fortune, and made massive media attention when investigation of the crash revealed the plane had been bombed mid air by rivals on the corporate board of Wordsmith Import and Export Company. After several board members were sentenced with murder of actus reus, Wordsmith was given an estimated total of £7 billion in reparation, along with his father's own fortune and sole ownership of Wordsmith Import and Export. Wordsmith then split the company into smaller assets and sold each regionally, procuring an estimated £5 billion.

With his fortune, Wordsmith is known to have ended his career has an aspiring journalist, and instead began classes in French cooking, gardening, and housekeeping. In the middle of 2011, Wordsmith established a housekeeping company known now as The Hearthkeeper Company, which provides various workers to homes in the United Kingdom, including housekeepers, butlers, gardeners, chefs, pool workers, home repairers, renovators, and chauffeurs. In 2013, Wordsmith began writing for the BBC, becoming the primary writer for the popular television show Woman of Wessex and a contributor to Downton Abbey.

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