Emperor John Stormy Knight
His Imperial Excellency, The Emperor John, Champion of the City
Reign 2090-Present
Coronation February 1st, 2090
Born August 24th, 1997
Nacogdoches, Texas
Full name
John Stormy Knight
Order Augustinian Order
Father William Earl Knight
Mother Reba Josephine Knight
Religion Passive Christian

His Imperial Excellency, The Emperor John, Champion of the City (born John Stormy Knight; August 24th, 1997 - Present) is the first and current Emperor of the Houstonian Empire. He was crowned by the Congress on February 1st, 2090.

As Emperor, John's official given title by the Congress is His Imperial Excellency, The Emperor, which is the standard title given to male Emperors under Constitutional law. As the leader of the August Rebellion against the Republican government, John's actions distinguished him whereas he was granted the title Champion of the City, a position he held from January 1st, 2090, to December 31st, 2091, as in accordance by Congressional term of the title. On New Years' Eve, 2091, John passed on the title to his partner Crisan Rudeneusku, who became the second person to be recognized by the Congress of their deeds for the protection of the city. While John is no longer the incumbent Champion, the title is retained as in accordance with Congressional law, recognizing his former position.

Early life and education

John Stormy Knight was born to Reba Josephine Knight and William Earl Knight on August 24th, 1997, in the small Texan city of Nacogdoches, Texas, at the Nacogdoches Medical Center. The Knights would have rather preferred that John was born in Carthage, Texas, their hometown and residence at the time, but the local pediatrician and obstetrician was sick with a stomach virus and did not want to endanger her patients. It is believed that when John was delivered from his mother, his umbilical chord was wrapped around his neck, choking him, and causing his head to turn a bright purple color. The choking sensation, however, was easily stopped with the unwrapping of the chord and John's person was not put to any harm by it. After a prolonged five days at the Medical Center, John was permitted to return home with his parents to Carthage, Texas, where is older brother Robert had been staying with his grandmother Reba. Upon the return of the Knights, Reba invited them to come with her to Dallas, where she would take them shopping for their new son. The Knights declined the offer, much to her surprise, as they just wanted to spend the first week as a family with their new family member.