Jonathan Gareth Yates (b. May 7, 1956) was the Mayor of Santa Christina from July 2003 until his electoral defeat in June 2004. He represented the Liberal Democratic Party of the United Islands. Yates was educated at the University of Mainland and graduated with a legal degree in 1989. He worked as a solicitor in Santa Christina and Zigit until 1996, when he was elected to the Santa Christina City Council for what was then the Georgeland Party. In 1999, that party became the Liberals and Yates continued as a Liberal councillor. In 2000, he was selected as the candidate for Deputy Mayor by Mayoral candidate Geraldine McLean. The ticket won the election. Yates continued as Deputy Mayor until 2003, when McLean resigned to enter federal politics. Yates became Mayor in her place. In June 2004, he was defeated by Georgeland Alliance candidate Lois Daniels. This is somewhat ironic, because the political views Daniels has espoused are similar to those Yates held when he was a member of the Georgeland Party.

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