Jordan Evans
Jordan Evans
President of the Republic of New Afrika
Assumed office
Feburary 13, 2007
Personal details
Born30 July 1975
Jackson, Mississippi
Political partyBlack Panther Party
ProfessionPolitical Historian
Jordan Evans is the current President of the Republic of New Afrika. He aquired his position Feburary 13, 2007, and is currently serving out the fifth year of his six-year term, of which is his first term. He has done much to sort out the power struggle issue amoungst the rival black nationalist groups following New Africa's formation and independence. Jordan is highly popular with African-Americans in Georgia and North Carolina for his progressive economical reform, though the rest of the black population fills that he has abandoned their fellow African-Americans in Florida and Texas, something he has tried to resolve as well. Young and eager, President Evans has done his all to keep New Africa together, for the time being that is.


Personal Beliefs

Belief Answer Reason Why
Gay Marriage No "I don't care if you a religious person or not, but your arse isn't for sex."
Abortion No "The child shouldn't pay because it'll mess up your life. It also shouldn't pay with its life because because your dumb decided to walk down a dark alley at two in the morning."
Death Penalty Yes "If you were stupid enough caught in the first place, yes. If you killed a whole gang of people, why on God's green earth should we like your moronic behind live?"
Torture Methods Yes "Well, you obviously know something, or else you wouldn't have been hangin' out with terrorists to begin with."
Nuclear Weapons Yes "Whelp, you've got your Confederate nutties in the Allied States. You've got Yang and them in China. And you've Ivan the Snow Bear in Russia. I think having a nuclear deterent to keep "Achmed & Friends" at arms length is a pretty good idea."
Equal Rights Yes "I'm black. 'Nuff said."
Innocent Until Proven Guilty No. "You got caught stealing a bag of chips, and shot a guy over some skitties. I think you deserve to see a prison rape in person."
Legal Suicide No "Unless the patient wakes from a coma, and tells you to pull the plug, you ain't going anywhere near him."
Criminal Rights No "Criminals are animals. The legal system preys apon them to still healthy."
Foreign Interfernece No. "Bush...*shudders*"
Weapon Rights Yes. "Dude. I've got a 9mm in my suit jacket, right now."
Right to Protest Yes "Three words. Martin. Luther. King. Done."
Right to Privacy Yes "Unless you got a wild orgy going on in your basement, and didn't tell me why I wasn't invited, whatever freaky mess your doing is your own business."

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