The judiciary of the Seafaring Confederation is one of the three branches of government of the Seafaring Confederation and is established under Article 19 of the Constitution of the Seafaring Confederation. The confederate judiciary of the Seafaring Confederation exists to uphold the laws and the Constitution of the Seafaring Confederation in all areas of its jurisdiction. Confederate judges are appointed in a variety of ways, usually through appointment by a national leader.


The Confederate judiciary consists of five levels; in order from lowest to highest superiority these are District Courts, Appellate Circuit Courts, Autonomous Appellate Courts (only in federal countries), National Appellate Courts and the Supreme Court.

District courts

There are a total of 164 Confederate District Courts of various sizes and with vastly varying areas of judicial influence. Civilians who feel their Confederate Constitutional rights have been violated can file a complaint at these District Courts. Rulings by District Courts are imposed with immediate effect unless appealed.

Of the 156 District Courts, 74 are located in Saxony, 26 in Rockall, 17 in Schleswig-Holstein-Jutland, 14 in the Highlands, 8 in Dogger, 6 in Rom and the Faroes, 5 in Howry and Hamburg, and 3 in Bremen.



Legal procedure

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