Jule (pronounced Yule) also sometimes spelt a Yule, is the Wessen observance of what is commonly known in English, as Christmas, and Christmas Time. Named after, and sharing many characteristics of the traditional pre-christianisation Germanic pagan festival of Yule, which christmas was originally moved to coincide with, Jule has influenced many other countries celebrations. 


Jule Tree

The Jule Tree is derived from the original tradition of having an evergreen tree in the home during Christmas, which has spread to almost all western celebrations of Christmas in the 19th century. However the tradition has been common in Wessex for centuries. Pagans would bring plants into their homes and decorate them during the Yule period. 

Today the tradition is to bring an evergreen conifer, fur or spruce tree into the home and decorate it with lights, and other decorations. Presents are then placed under the tree for the family. Trees can be found in various places as part of christmas decorations. A large tree is commonly placed in central squares in cities, towns and villages. 


Sintwoden is the Wessen interpretation of Santa Claus. Also commonly referred to as Woden or Wodenclaus, the tradition derives from the ancient Pagan belief that Woden leads of procession in the sky. Woden was then mixed with modern renditions of Santa Claus, or Sinterklaas, delivering presents from his flying horse to good children.

On Jule Eve, its is believed Woden delivers presents to good children when they are asleep. He rides in a sleigh, pulled by four horses. It is said he delivers presents in Stockings which are hung on the children's doorways. 

Common depictions of Sintwoden, show a large man with long grey hair and a long grey beard, wearing a red cloak and a red stola, often with a cane or walking stick. This bears starking resemblence to the ancient depictions of the pagan god Odin, known in Wessex as Woden. 

Jule Dag

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