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Monarchy of Jurdine
Monarkye Džurdiny
Official languages Jurd language
Otherlanguages English, French, Italian
Demonym Jurd
Government Monarchy
• High Queen of Jurdine
Luria Neyshings
• Prime minister
Toren Waldus
• French colonization
January 14, 1614
• Sold to England
March 26, 1656
• Independency
October 19, 1784
Gini 29.9
HDI (2011) Green Arrow Up Darker 0.900
Error: Invalid HDI value · 13th
Currency Valu (JDV)
Time zone Jurdine Time Zone (UTC+5)
Date format dd-mm-yyyy
Drives on the right
Calling code +109
Internet TLD .jd

Jurdine is a country located in Indian ocean, on an island of the same name. Jurdine was explored by French travelers, but later sold to England for 10 000 pounds. In year 1784 Jurdine declared independence.

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