Kaizari of Nge'ardhi
(Juu'Nuru'Uchoyo, Beloved Son of Fahali, High Lord above all others, Ruler of Nge'ardhi and all Her Children the Nge'dhuriya)
Juu'Nuru'Uchoyo in 1946
Kaizari of Nge'ardhi
Reign 22 July 1929–20 May 1950
(21 years, 11 months, 20 days)
Coronation 29 July 1929
Predecessor Juu'Yahya'Kiburi
Successor Juu'Khamidi'Kiburi
Born 5 November 1896
Mji'Siri, N/A, Nge'ardhi
Died 20 May 1950 (aged 53)
Mji'Twataabika, N/A, Nge'ardhi
Consort Juu'Wanyika'Kiburi
Royal house House of Uchoyo
Father N/A
Mother N/A
Religion Fahalism
Juu'Nuru'Uchoyo (born 5 November 1896) was the Kaizari of Nge'ardhi from 14 November 1898 until his death in 20 May 1950. Under his rule, he modernized the majority of the empire, and brought to his nation European recognition of the nation's might. He navigated the political minefield that was threatening to allow the Europeans to attempt colonization of Nge'ardhi, and destroying Nge'dhuriya independence. Respected for his leadership and desire to prevent cultural contamination of Western ideals in his lands, Juu'Nuru was seen as a legendary figure by the nobility, and had the respect of all the castes in Nge'ardhi, a rarity in Nge'dhuriya politics and society. He ultimately died from a fatal heart attack in 1950 whilst visiting the city of Mji'Twataabika.