Kaizari of Nge'ardhi
(Juu'Yahya'Kiburi, Beloved Son of Fahali, High Lord above all others, Ruler of Nge'ardhi and all Her Children the Nge'dhuriya)
Juu'Yahya'Kiburi in 1901
Kaizari of Nge'ardhi
Reign 14 November 1898–22 July 1929
(30 years, 8 months, 22 days)
Coronation 21 November 1898
Predecessor Juu'Matata'Tamaa
Successor Juu'Nuru'Uchoyo
Born 13 August 1861
Ngome'Nyika, N/A, Nge'ardhi
Died 22 July 1929 (aged 67)
Nji'Makasri, N/A, Nge'ardhi
Consort Juu'Mhina'Kiburi
Issue Juu'Sudi'Kiburi
Royal house House of Kiburi
Father N/A
Mother N/A
Religion Fahalism
Juu'Yahya'Kiburi (born 13 August 1861) was the Kaizari of Nge'ardhi, ruling from 14 November 1898 until his death in 22 July 1929. He was best known for allowing European influences to enter Nge'ardhi, which led to his downfall in 1929, when the nobility confronted him on the issue. He dueled with the party leader, Juu'Nuru'Uchoyo, and was killed in combat, which according to the ancient laws of Nge'ardhi, permitted Juu'Nuru to take over the empire as the rightful Kaizari of the land. While he did permit European ideas and beliefs to enter the empire, this led to the saving of Nge'ardhi as it was able to adopt enough Western technologies to fend of the European imperialism of the era, a feat for which he was accorded by his successor.