Kaizari of Nge'ardhi
(Juu'Yusuf'Kiburi, Beloved Son of Fahali, High Lord above all others, Ruler of Nge'ardhi and all Her Children the Nge'dhuriya)
Juu'Yusuf'Kiburi in 2013
Kaizari of Nge'ardhi
Reign 20 May 2013–Present
(0 years, 7 months, 11 days)
Coronation 27 May 2013
Predecessor Juu'Khamidi'Kiburi
Heir-appearent Unknown
Born 27 September 1973 (age 40)
Mji'Makasri, N/A, Nge'ardhi
Consort Juu'Eshe'Kiburi
Issue N/A
Royal house House of Kiburi
Father Juu'Khamidi'Kiburi
Mother Juu'Afiya'Kiburi
Religion Fahalism

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