Juyats are a race that led to Otechestvo by Hroki Yor' Vargha. The closest translation available for Juyats is "Brutish People". They are tall, brunette and pale skinned yats from Grexica who are known for their incredible resistance to cold. Eager to augment their martial skills beyond the traditional methods of Otechestvo, they excel in all manner of warfare. Above all else in Juyat culture is the quest for plunder and glory. They thrive in the cold, reminiscent of their native Grexica, and are known as a militant people by their neighbours. Juyats are also naturally superior at sea.

They are extremely ferocious, aggressive, indomitable warriors with no thought for personal safety once the rage of battle comes upon them. They issue Warcry that frighten nearby enemy infantry. They will use chants, strong drink, potions and rituals to whip themselves into a fighting frenzy. Once the madness is upon them, little can stop them - their blood-crazed dash into the thick of combat is deeply disheartening (at best) to any who stand against them. They may try to cut their enemies to pieces in this state, but will think nothing of trying to gouge, bite, head butt and kick opponents to death as well. Once beserk, they will not stop fighting until the enemy is either dead or off the vicinity.

Physical appearance

They are far larger in size than any other yat ethnicity. The Juyats have a heavier build and possess great upper-body strength. This results in a quite masculine, or even beast-like appearance. This is likely due to their brutish and savage warrior life style, a result of the conditioning they put upon themselves to follow the ways of Thurdragor.


The Juish culture and society revolves around tightly knit tribes. Being a matriarchal society, each tribe was led by a Hod. Every Ju has a specific job and is obligated to perform it. Every man, woman, and child in the Juish Ziggurat is also trained from birth to defend it. They do not have jails; instead, offenders are forced to pay a "blood price," in which the criminal bleeds until the victim is satisfied. In cases where the victim was murdered, the chief is consulted to convey an appropriate sentence.

List of notable Juyats

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