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The Jylpmīnnod is the Head of Government of the Kingdom of Wessex. The term Jylpmīnnod roughly translates as Prime Minister from Wessen. The Jylpmīnnod, although only Head of Government, has the main political power in the Wessen government. The Jylpminnod is elected every 5 years in a first-past-the-post system, where the party with the most seats in the Witanegmot gains the office of Jylpmīnnod and effectively wins the election. 


The A single term of a Jylpmīnnod consists of five years, however Witanegmot may impeach an office holder if they are found guilty of corruption. The Jylpmīnnod is elected in a first past the post system, from the Witanegmot. Whichever party gains the most seats in the Sela jef Maód, from Witan who have been elected from constituencies across Wessex, will effectively win the election and their candidate will be appointed to the office of Jylpmīnnod. 


The Jylpmīnnod is the Head of Government for Wessex, and along with their Cabinet form the Executive Arm of the Government of Wessex. According to the Wessexn constitution, the Jylpmīnnod's main responsibilities are;

  • To govern Wessex and uphold the countries Four Principles in their decisions. 
  • To form a Cabinet to in aid for governance.
  • To oversee fair governance.
  • To uphold Pacifism. 


Despite being the Head of Government, the Jylpmīnnod has very little independent power, any bills, any laws or any other plans implemented by the Jylpmīnnod must be passed by Witanegmot before they come into law or practice. Major laws and bills are also subject to National Civil Vote as per Direct Democracy.

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