Käntö Prefecture
Käntö Prefektur
Coat of arms
Motto: Invicta
and largest city
Official languages Westlandic
Recognised Minority Käntish, Polish
Ethnic groups (2014) 95% White
3% Asian
2% Black
Government Prefectural Government
• Prefect
Johanna Stärk
Legislature Prefectural Assembly
• Local Government Act
• Current Form
• 2014 census
Currency Westlandic Mark (VSM)

Käntö Prefecture (Westlandic: Käntö Prefektur) is a prefecture of Westland located in the Far East of the country, bordering Vikunö Prefecture to the West, and the Westlandic Channel to the West and South. The prefectures capital, and largest city is Käntö, and as of 2014, has a population of 3.9 million people. The symbol of Käntö prefecture is the White Horse.

Käntö Prefecture is often called the 'Garden of Westland' due to its highly dense forested regions. Traditionally, Käntö has been a largely agricultural region, however has become more industrial since the 1960's. The main industries of the prefecture include Shipbuilding, Cement and Brick making, Papermarking and Oil Refining. There are also two state owned steelworks in the Northern region of the prefecture which are some of the largest employers.

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