Kaitō Tsukuda
25th Presidential Secretary of the Draguan Islands
Assumed office
July 25, 2013
Preceded by Willy Chineys
Personal details
Born February 8, 1977
Kyoto, Japan
Nationality Draguan
Political party Federal Draguan Party
Residence Copa Cabana
Occupation Economist
Profession Economics
Religion Shinto
Signature Kaitotsukudasign.png

Kaitō Tsukuda (Japanese: 怪盗佃; born February 8, 1977) is the 25th and current Presidential Secretary of the Republic of the Draguan Islands, and a current member of the Federal Draguan Party. Born as a native Japanese in Kyoto, he moved to the Draguan Islands at an age of four years. He studied Economics and recieved his degree on the age of 25, pursuing a career as Economist.

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