Kaitukidax is a ocean city that sits on stilts between Alaska and Hawaii, and it is the capitol of Alaska and North Pacific. Wolfface Jian Heixing and about 500,000 people live there. It's coordinates are at 37.996163,-175.253906 so you can see it. "Kaitukiadax" means "water village" in a combination of Hawaiian and Aleut.

Creation and History

The city's creation started when the nation was first established. Everyone was arguing about what city should be the capitol; it was between Juneau, Honolulu, and Lanai. Hawaiians and Gilbertesians wanted Lanai (most popular choice) or Honolulu to be picked, and Alaskans wanted Juneau. To stop the arguing, Bisaiyawak Ioki suggested the creation of a new city. They named it Kaitukidax, kai meaning "sea water" in Hawaiian and tukidax meaning village in Aleut. It was built on stilts in the middle of the northern Pacific Ocean, between Hawai'i and Alaska.

Kaitukidax is a multicultural city, having and almost equal number of Hawaiians and Aleuts (there is a growing number of Hawaskians). It is also a hub for new cultures, like Asians, other polynesians, and central Asians.

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