Kalmakä province
Kalmakä eparhia
—  Province  —
Location of Kalmakä province.png
Location of Kalmakä province
Country Flag of Frecia Frecia
Region Flag of South Region Frecia South
Capital and largest city Kalmakä
 • Governor Paolos Tillisis
 • Vice Governor Magda Florescu
 • Total 4,714.29 km2 (Bad rounding hereScript error sq mi)
Area rank 11th
Population (2010 census)
 • Total 6,571,683
 • Density 1,393.99/km2 (Bad rounding hereScript error/sq mi)
 • Year 2010 estimate
 • Total
Postal code 100250

The Province of Kalmakä was one of the 11 provinces of Frecia. It was established in 1815 by the government of Frecia, and is today the most densely populated in the nation, with a density of 4,714.29 people per square kilometer, and an overall population of 6,571,683 citizens. The capital of the province is Kalmakä, which also serves as the capital of Frecia. The city itself is not the largest in the nation, but it is the political heart of Frecia.


This province is composed by prefectures and 18 municipalities. The capital city of the provice and the country, Kalmakä, is located as the mouth of the natural harbor, which provides the province with a large portion of its economic revenue.


This province was created in 1815 shortly after the government's official division of the political map of Frecia. The province is the smallest in all of Frecia, but it is the most densely populated, and by far one of the wealthiest in the nation by GDP per capita income.



In 2010, the 29% of Frekian population was considered Greek, 20% Romanian, 20% Bulgarian, approximately 10% Afrikaaner and the rest was considered mixed of different origins.



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