Kamenian Civil War
Kamenian Civil War Propaganda

Anti-Communist propaganda from 1925
Date 2 August 1924 - March 1925
Location Kamenia
Result Anti-Communist Victory;
Flag of the Tsardom of Kamenia Great Coalition

White Flag White Shirts

Red flag Communist Party

Flag of the Kamenian People's Army People's Army

Flag of Kamenia Kamenian Republican Government

Commanders and leaders
Flag of the Tsardom of Kamenia Nicholas of Kamenia
Flag of the Tsardom of Kamenia Goran Čačić
Flag of the Tsardom of Kamenia Jagoš Gavrić
Flag of Kamenia Goran Kankaraš
Flag of Kamenia Stracimir Bratić

White Flag Mrdelja Božić

Red flag Isailo Pavlović
Red flag Tomaš Ljotić
Red flag Pejo Ljotić

Flag of the Kamenian People's Army Leka Drljača

Flag of Kamenia Tomaš Krestić

Flag of the Tsardom of Kamenia 18,000
Flag of Kamenia 13,000

White Flag 3,500

Red flag 25,000

Flag of the Kamenian People's Army 10,500

Flag of Kamenia 8,000

Casualties and losses
10,600 killed 18,000 killed
The Kamenian Civil War (Kamenian: Кмењсн грађански рат, Kmenjsn građanski rat) (August 2, 1924 - March 1925) was a multi-party war in the Kingdom of Kamenia fought primarily between the Anti-Communist Great Coalition and the Kamenian Communist Party. Many sectarian groups fought in the conflict with republicans and communists forming a loose anti-government alliance whilst the anarchist People's Army fought against all factions. In the south, the nationalistic White Shirts (the forerunner to the KNSP) originally attacked all parties before joining the government-led Grand Coalition at the end of the conflict.

Over seventy percent of Kamenia's male population fought during the war with a number of mass killings targeting the civilian population also occurring during this period, women being a major target by all factions during the war.

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