Kamenian War of Independence
Part of Great Turkish War (1690 - 1699)
Seoba Srba 2a - Paja Jovanovic

The March on Skadar by Blažo Plamenac
Date 13 July 1690 - 1 May 1703
Location Kamenia and Montenegro
Result Kamenian Victory
Theocratic Kamenian Flag Kamenia
Flag of the Prince-Bishopric of Montenegro Montenegro
Flag of Most Serene Republic of Venice Venice (1698-1703)
Flag of the Ottoman Empire (1453-1517) Ottoman Empire
Commanders and leaders
Mašut Crnojević
Bojan Šiljak
Mustafa II
Bozoklu Mustafa Pasha
Amcazade Köprülü Hüseyin Pasha
c. 30,000 men c. 85,000 men
c. 20,000 cavalry
Casualties and losses
10,000 killed 45,000 killed
The Kamenian War of Independence (Kamenian: Kmensja Rat Nezavisnost) refers to a successful war of independence by Kamenian nobles between 1690 and 1703, assisted by the Prince-Bishopric of Montenegro (and later, the Republic of Venice) against the Ottoman Empire.

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