Kamuy are a form of mecha that are directly controled by a pilot.

Kamuy (Residence of the Gods)
Purpose(s) Diverse applications such as mineration and warfare.
Developer(s) Cerdas Phoenix
Tier 2
Variations Автомат Kamuy
Specifications Directly Controled Mecha Vehicle


Kamuy are directly controled mechs that often have a humanoid shape and are usually between four and five meters tall. In addition to the standard range of bipedal movement.

Power Source

Kamuy are powered by cylindrical cores that are about the size of a human arm and have its center filled with the highly explosive substance known as fragoritium. The activation is possible due to the a internal combustion engine, the pollution caused by fragoritium cores is filtred on its way to the exhaust. Early models were powered by gasoline, nuclear power, electricity and even solar energy.

Life Support System

Fragoritium-powered machines overheat in little time and, although kamuy are specially made to resist heat, pilots would suffer of heatstroke and dehydration after some time exposed, so a life support system is required. There are many types of life supporting systems, but the main used are the refrigeration and temperature-control systems.

Interface System

Inside standard Kamuy there is a cockpit which is used for controling the whole vehicle, some of its main features are the five panoramic display monitors, the dual control joysticks and instrument panels. The panoramic monitors are linked to outside sensors and cameras, and can be switched to display other information such as status or even as a video communication system. In custom Kamuy, the interface system varies, depending on its primary functions.

Known Models

Mass-producted Models


1st Generation
2nd Generation


1st Generation
2nd Generation

Custom Models


1th Generation
2nd Generation

3rd Generation
4th Generation

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