NF-Bradamante is a Knight-type Kamuy.

Type Knight-type
Developer(s) Roger of Este
Manufacturer Norsel Federation
Pilot(s) Cherry Blossom
Variations None

Model Specifications


Made of Adamantium-Depleted Uranium alloy, armor made entirely of RHA with a lunium cockpit.


Battle: Lancer System
Boost: Devi System
Propulsion: Propulsion: AntiGrav System


  • 1x Default Heatglaive
  • 1x Longinus-type Heatcannon (left arm)
  • 1x Shield Generator

The heatglaive is a black spear-like weapon with a plasma generator on its tip, making it a very destructive weapon, which is mainly used for anti-vehicle action.

The heatcannon on its left arm is fed by an internal frigoritium reserve and generates either flames or a highly concentrated plasma jet. The flames are used for anti-civilian/footsoldier action, devastating armies in a matter of hours. The plasma jet is unique for the unit, moved through and is internationally known as the "Lance of Longinus" for its penetrating capacities, it's so destructive that the only way for the cannon to withstand it is with the help of internal magnets that produce a magnetic field, which conducts the jet through it. This jet is used strictly in anti-LUNA action.


  • 1x Space Sonar
  • 1x Radar
  • 2x HD Cameras

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