The NF-Heimdall is an unique Knight-type LUNA Kamuy.

Type Knight-type
Developer(s) Unknown
Manufacturer Norsel Federation
Pilot(s) Alexander
Variations NF-Odin


The Heimdall was discovered by Norsel Federation miners during an excavation at Demonax Crater on the year of 2035 A.C. After over 200 years of research, a group of five mechanics known as the "Mecha Gods" were able to repair it enough to be piloted.

On 2364, a 17 years old boy codenamed Alexander (who had been trained to pilot the Heimdall) decoded the LUNA's boost system and renamed it as Asgard.

Model Specifications


Made entirely of Lunium Alloy with an internal Adamantium cockpit.


Battle: Gladiator System
Boost: Yggdrasil System
Propulsion: Gulltoppr System


  • 1x Bifröst Heatblade
  • 1x Energy Shield Generator
  • 2x Gjallarhorn Sonic Cannon


  • 1x Space Sonar
  • 1x Radar
  • 2x HD Cameras

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