Kanian Army
Coat of Arms of the Kanian Army
Coat of Arms of the Kanian Army
Active 16 December 1756–Present
Country Flag of Kania Kania
Branch Kanian Defense Forces
Type Army
Role Defense of Kanian territories and citizens
Size 44,728 active personnel
90,044 reserve personnel
Part of Department of Defense
Headquarters Fort Megiddo, Port Kane, Kania
Motto "Defendant montem Sion oportet nos"
"Mount Zion, we must protect"
March N/A
Anniversaries N/A
Engagements American Revolutionary War
War of 1812
American Civil War
World War I
World War II
Korean War

The Kanian Army is the main branch of the Kanian Armed Forces, and tasked with handlely land-based combat missions for the military. The army of Kania is the largest by total number of personnel, with 44,728 personnel in active service with the army, and another 90,044 in reserve. Established in 16 December 1756, the army is the oldest branch of the military with more the 250 years of service to the nation. The primary mission of the Kanian Army is to protect the internal intergrity and sovernignty of Kania and its assets, and defend the citizens of the nation both at home and abroad.



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