Kanrajev is the capital of Vlorast, one of the states of the Republic of Atlion. It is the second most populous city of the state (after Vilutze).

The city holds the University of Vlorast, Vlorast's state university and the largest university of Atlion. The Kanrajev Central Hospital is the third largest in Vlorast (after the Vilutze Central Hospital and the Vyaalong Medical Complex and the 13th largest in the nation.

Many of the neighbourhoods are named after states which have populations in Vlorast.

At the center of the city is Russia and The Triangle, which consists of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania and is, as its name suggests, roughly triangular. To the west of The Triangle is the popular Market Town, which is narrow and long (located between the River Hills and the Kanrajev River) and is known for its series of market squares, named after national capitals, e.g. Moscow Square (the largest). Between the River Hills and the sea is Sea Town. At the confluence of two branches of the Kanrajev River, northwest of The Triangle, is University Town, which is centred around the University of Vlorast.

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