Karodian Union
Flag Coat of arms
Motto: Justice and Liberty
Anthem: The Sun is rising over Karodia
Capital Centropolis
Largest city Eden City
Official languages English
Government Federal parliamentary republic
• Chancellor
Frank Toodlemans
• Vice Chancellor
Nadia O'Connor
Legislature Supreme Congress
National Assembly
Establishment 3rd January 1899
• 2014 estimate
• 2010 census
HDI 0,978
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Currency Kopper (K*)
• Summer (DST)
Pacific (UTC{{{utc_offset_DST}}})
Drives on the right

Karodia, officially the Karodian Union, is an island nation in the North Pacific Ocean, consisting of the islands of the Karodian Archipelago, just off the coast of Canada. Karodia is a federal parliamentary republic ruled by a Chancellor serving as head of state and of government. The capital is Centropolis and the most populated city is Eden City.


The Karodian Union is composed of a group of islands called the Karodian Archipelago. The largest and most populated island is New Penzance. The other main island is Barbarossa, located to the south of New Penzance, it enjoys a warmer, more mediterranean climate, and is home to several natural harbors, including Eden City. The other islands are smaller and less populated, they're called the September Islands.

New Penzance is a nice mountainous island covered in forests, with several lakes and waterfalls. The climate is temperate, quite similar to western european. The winters are cold and the summers quite warm. The Emerald Mountains stretch from the northern end to the eastern end of the island. Mount Gilmore (1400 Km) is the highest peak of the country.

Government and Politics


The Karodian Union is an indepentent federal republic, as defined by the Karodian Constitution of 1899, the supreme law of the country. The executive branch is composed of the chancellor and the council of ministers. The chancellor, is elected for a four year term, renewable twice, by the two chambers of the Supreme Congress, the nation's parliament. Indeed, Senators and Deputies join together in order to vote for the chancellor and his proposed government. The chancellor serves as joint head of state and head of government, therefore he appoints the ministers and the Vice Chancellor, second highest ranking official in Karodia.


The Supreme Congress is the parliament of Karodia. It is composed of two chambers : the Senate and the National Assembly. Senators are elected in constituencies represented by the provinces, whereas Deputies are elected with the proportional system.