Kasiran Confederation
Flag National Emblem
Motto: Flag Flying High
Anthem: The Red, White and Purple
A Map of the K.C. in Kasira
A Map of the K.C. in Kasira
Capital Nairowe
Largest Largest City Coloquin
Official languages English
Ethnic groups Anglo-Kasiran, Franco-Kasiran, Camoran, Fewalecian, Ayoalan, Afro-Kasiran, Portuguese-Kasiran
Government Federal Republic with Direct Democracy
• Federal Director
Alexander Price
• Chancellor
Rex Saxeburg
• Director of the Opposition
Lorraine Plantagenet
• Chaplin Agreement
August 8, 1962
• 2011 estimate
230,618,300 (4th)
GDP (PPP) 2011 estimate
• Total
$5.8 trillion (3th)
• Per capita
$41,709.17 (11th)
HDI (2012) 0.804
very high · 44th
Currency Kasiran Chaler (CLR)
Time zone Kasiran Standard Time (UTC-10 1/2 GMT)
Calling code +89
Internet TLD .ka
The Kasiran Confederation (Commonly just Kasira or abbreviated to K.C.) is a sovereign state comprising of approxomately one third of the Kasiran Continent. It comprises of 20 Regions which are then divided again into Cantons, the capital city of Nairowe is located in Toranla Region and is home to the General Government and its ministaries. At 9.5 million sq km Kasira is the 4th largest country on earth and home to a population of 230 million it is the 4th most populated country on earth.

Before colonization Kasira was inhabited by 3 main areas of civilization, the Camoran Empire in the far North-East, the Felwalecian Citystates who inhabited the South Coast and the Kingdom of Toraz in the West. Each of these countries had wide knowledge about each other and the outside world with; the only reason they sucumb to the British and French is that they were either overstreached or weary from war with neighbouring factions. After colonization the native population was transported on a massive scale to the selected regions whilst white settlers claimed land, many of them fought back however they suffered the wrath of the British Empire leaving any attempts at resistance pointless.

In modern times Kasira has had 3 major wars, the War of Independence when Kasira declared independence in 1960 after Britain failed to pass the Kasira Act which would have granted Kasira Independence, the War of the Sogatega River when neighbouring Canaria invaded and claimed the north of Kasira. And finnally the Ango-Kasiran War when the Kasiran army invaded the British Bareylian Islands and made them part of their territory. The current state of affairs is more peaceful than in the past with Kasira acting to create the Continental Co-Operation Organization (CCO) plus the construction of Peace Bridges between Canaria and Kasira.

Kasira is currently one of the richest countries in the world and a leading player on the World stage, it is a member of the UN, BRICKS, WTO, APEC and the Pacific Island Forum.


Kasira has uncertain origins as a name however the most likely origin is from a native language. The most popular theory is that Kasira means Earth in the Fatelian Language spoken throughout the Fatelian Delta and the centre of Civilization before colonization. It also could have had its origins in an alledged conversation between French Explorer David Trevertier and a native when he refers to Asia and the native repeats his words which then transfered to Trevertier believeing the land was called Ka-Sia or Kasira.

The most popular colloquial name for Kasira is just Sira or the K or the Confed.


Humans are first believed to have arrived in Kasira around 50,000 years ago however these primitive hunter gatherers didin't develop civilization until around 10,000 years ago when small farming hamlets popped up around the Fatel Delta and the Tulayao Delta

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