Katagamian Church
Katagamian Kanisa
Motto: Sifa njema Mmoja wa kweli Imani
Official languages Swahili
Ethnic groups Anyi
Membership 157.8 Million
Government Clerical
• Ecclesiarch
Yaw Lagat
Establishment 1946
The Katagamian Church, also known as the Hurian Katagamian Church, is one of the largest religious forces in the world, with more than 157.8 million members. It has played an extensive part in the development of East Africa since its formation in 1949, and had been a major player in the actions of the Hurian Federation where it was the official religious body. The Katagamian faith is a mixture of Christianity and ancient Swahili beliefs, blended to suit the need it had when converting the local populace. Known the worldwide as the "Church of War", Katagamians are proud of their beliefs, and have shown a level of loyalty that has exceeded many other religions. Deemed "more radical than Islam", the Katagamian Church has not fallen back in its endevour to remove other religions by force, though their actions have been stayed by the Hurian government. There is only one splinter group of the Church; the Sharian Sect, which teaches that the God of Law is the paramount god, not the God of War.


The term "katagamian" is derived from the Greek word κάταγμα (kátagma) meaning "fracture", and was first used to describe the Church in 1949, when Rudolf Louis, a former priest of the Protestant Church, and founder of the Katagamian faith.




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