Katherine Drake (b. October 14, 1966, Santa Christina) is a Georgeland politician. She is currently a member of the Georgeland Senate, representing the state of West Mainland. She is a member of the Conservative Party of Georgeland and is her party's spokesman on Resource Management. Drake is an alumnus of Santa Christina University and spent a year and a half at Cambridge in the 1980s. A lawyer by profession, she was elected to the Senate at the election of 1997, representing the now-abolished state of Mainland. Her term began January 1, 1998. After the state was subdivided, she switched to her current state. At the time of her election, Senator Drake was the second-youngest Senator, next to Felicity Porthrop. As of 2006, she is the third-youngest Senator overall (Porthrop and Michael Steen are younger), the third-youngest woman Senator and the youngest Conservative Senator.

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