Kazuo Tsutomo
Born 2826
Died 2899
Cause of death Retaliatory Murder
Occupation Alien Artefact Specialist
Professor of Ancient Studies
Religion Shinto
Spouse(s) None
Children None
Kazuo Tsutomo is an elderly Alien Artefacts Specialist and long term friend of Max Fry on Raijin. Kazou was formerly a Professor of Ancient Artefacts, however was fired and turned to the darkside of the alien artefacts trade, the Black Market which was awash with artefacts, real and fake, and all of it, concentrated on Raijin. 

Kazou was born on the planet Yosuzume in 2826 to a poor family, and showed an interest in alien artefacts and 'those who came before' from a young age. He managed to save up enough money to seek passage to the planet Raijin in 2851, the capital of alien artefacts in the known universe. He met Jack in 2879 who was then a budding privateer, who would bring Tsutomo artefacts he found from his travels for a large cut of the profits, they became fast friends. 

In 2899, the Crew of the Starfire  brought Kazuo the strange artefact they found in an ancient tomb on the ice planet Yuki Onna. Kazuo and the crew discovered it to be a holographic map, a treasure map. After researching it further, it appeared to be only one segment of a larger map that appeared to scattered across planets. Each segment gave a clue to location of another segment according to the legend. Kazuo was later killed following a retaliatory gang attack after the Crew infiltrated a Raijinese black market gang's nightclub to retrieve the fourth segment of the map.