Kefentse Gabya
Kefentse Gabya
Official Portrait of Kent Gabya.
3rd President of the Southern African Confederacy
Vice President Antonio Estevez
Personal details
Born15 April 1973
Gwanda, Zimbabwe
ProfessionPolitician, career soldier

Kefentse "Kent" Gabya (born 15 April 1973) is a prominent Southern Africa politician and President of the Southern African Confederacy. Gabya was born in the town of Gwanda, Zimbabwe to his single mother on 15 April 1973, during the Rhodesian period in Zimbabwean history as one of the Shona people. He joined the Zimbabwe National Army in 1993 as a second lieutenant, after attending officers' college for a year. In 1995, Gabya was promoted to a full captain when South Zimbabwe joined the SAC, and eventually became a Colonel by 1998. By this time, he had become very interested in politics.

As a prominent member of the South Zimbabwean Army, the leaders of the SAC movement were interested in having Gabya within their ranks. In 2001, Gabya was officially appointed by the confederate government as the Deputy Commander of the Southern African Armed Forces In May 2012, he stated that he wanted to become involved in the political arena of the SAC. Being highly respected, his superiors promoted him ceremonially to General, however removed any official position he held. On June 2012, Gabya gave his name up for the upcoming presidential election and won with a considerable majority.

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