Kekayaan Security Forces
Kekayaan Squad
A Kekayaan squad during combat excerises
Founded November 5, 1949
Service branches Kekayaan Ground Forces
Kekayaan Naval Forces
Kekayaan Air Forces
Special Forces Squadron
Headquarters Inti Batin, Kekayaan Directorate
Supreme Commander Ashanti Joiner
Military age 13 - 65
Conscription Yes
Available for
military service
502,583,862, age 13 - 65 (2012)
Fit for
military service
478,787,019, age 13 - 65 (2012)
Reaching military
age annually
3,741,393 (2012)
Active personnel 4,250,000
Reserve personnel 20,000,000
Deployed personnel N/A
Budget $592.7 billion (₢374.4 billion)
Percent of GDP 11.2%
Domestic suppliers N/A

The Kekayaan Security Forces are the official military force the Kekayaan Directorate. It is charged with protecting Kekayaan lands and assets from external and internal agression, and enforcing the law of the Directorate and the Triarch Council ruling it. The force was established out of the Hakekat Militia on November 5, 1949 following the end of the Hakekat War and the recognition of Kekayaan. The military consist of 4.25 million active forces, and another twenty million in reserve. Techinically, all Kekayaan citizens are in reserve, but the military opted to only count those who are the most fit as the "official" reservists. The KSF consists of four branches; an Army, Navy, Air Force, and special assault force. The budget for the military as of 2012 was $592.7 billion.





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