Keller House (KH) is a reality television series which revolves around the life of the President of the Allied States as well as key members of the executive staff in Keller House, the residence and office of the President. The series was kept confidential for months before its surprise airing on the new government channel, GovComm. The episodes are an hour long weekly and was primarily created in support of transparency of government.


Since the annexation of the United States, the public expressed outrage about not knowing the exact direction of government. Watchdogs also exclaimed Allied States transparency is extremely limited and government public relations are nonexistent. Keller House was created by GovComm, a new channel which is part of the Allied States Department of Government Administration, in cooperation with the Department of Finance and Communication.

The semi-government camera crew will follows the President and his key staff, including the Keller House Chief of Staff and the Vice President in their day to day activities, including touching on the President's personal life for entertainment purposes. Although the series is primarily aimed at transparency, much of the President's meetings with certain clearances will be kept censored from the public.


Episodes are titled with the week of filming, and throughout the episode, the date may change. Changes to date are shown during a black screen between certain scenes.

Keller House episodes
Episode # Week Description
1 13 February - 19 February President Mac meets with the Federal Intelligence Committee to discuss the situation in the Middle East. KH was given limited coverage of the meeting. The Committee advised President Mac to impose sanctions on the People's Republic of China because of their support for Afghanistan and Pakistan. The President agreed and issued to for voting to the Senate. KH was given permission to sit in on the Senate proceedings, which the President attended. The session was short and passed with a large majority.

On Valentine's Day, staff at Keller House were allowed to spice up their normal formal attire with something red. President Mac personally wore a bright red shirt under a white suit. That night, a Valentine's Day ceremony was held in the Event Room of the Presidential Residence. The most noteworthy event during the ceremony was when Presiding Senator Trevor Prince passed out after drinking too much. The Secret Service had to accompany him to his hotel room in Downtown New Bay City.

The Chief of Staff took KH through his daily activities during the last part of the episode. The Chief of Staff gave a detailed tour of Keller House and talked a bit about the the revision of the Keller House Press Corps, which was being outfitted with a new news room.

In the last few minutes, the First Lady and the President were preparing and having dinner. The President talked about his opinion on the EcruFox Corporation, which he stated, was one of the Allied States' "best friends," referring of course to the economic bailout by the Corporation of the Allied States in 2010.

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