Kenan VI
Kaizari of the Imperial Dynasty of Kalibara
(By the Grace of God, of the Imperial Dynastry of Kalibara and of the Kalabarani Dominions beyond the Seas King, Defender of the Faith, Emperor of Dravida, South Arabia, Sumatra, Greater Somalia, Burma, Ceylon, Madagascar, and the Maldives)
Kenan VI of Kalibara (1977-2012)
Kaizari of Kalibara
Reign 28 July 1977 - Present
Coronation 17 August 1977
Predecessor Lusala II
Heir-Apparent Osano, Crown Prince of Kalibara
Born 12 March 1945
Kiini, Kimbilio, Kalibara
Spouse Noni of Toba
Issue Jabari, Sultan of South Arabia
Tekla, Grand Duchess of the Maldives
Priya, Maharani of Dravida
Osano, Crown Prince of Kalibara
Kikpurui, King of Burma
Njoroge, Sultan of Greater Somalia
Kalyani, Maharani of Ceylon
Kanika, Queen of Madagascar
Mathani, Archduke of Sumatra
Full name
Kenan Wanjala Kimaiyo
Imperial House House of Kimaiyo
Father Lusala II of Kalibara
Mother Jebet of Yazua
Religion Christian
Kenan VI (Kenan Wanjala Kimaiyo; born 12 March 1945), is the absolute monarch of the Imperial Dynasty of Kalibara, its territories, and protectorates. Having acsended to his position on 28 July 1977, Kenan is the fourteenth monarch of Kalibara. Under his rule, Kenan oversaw a series of political reforms and economic revivals over his 35 year reign. Kenan was born in Kimbilio, and privately educated as with his ancestors. His father, Lusala II came to power in 1935 following the death of Osano II. Kenan served in the Vietnam War in 1963 as a field commander, and then as the head of the Imperial Guard of Kalibara between 1964 and 1967. Upon the end of service in the Imperial Guard, Kenan married Noni of Toba in November of 1967, afterwhich she bore nine children to him: Tekla, Priya, Osano, Kikpurui, Njoroge, Kalyani, Kanika, Mathani, and Jabari. Following the death of his father, Kenan was coronated 17 August 1977. Kenan is considered to be one of the most popular monarchs of Kalibara in recent history, making routine state visits to other countries, and making an equal number of public speeches and appearances.


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