లుగుളം Kāireh

Spoken in: Nadu(Sarawak)
Region: North Borneo(Nadu), Southern Borneo(East Kalimantan), Southeastern Asia, East Asia, Australia(Victoria), Brazil(Central,Southwest and, Bahia), Calfornia
Total speakers:

62 million worldwide(native)

54 million worldwide(as a second and/or third langauge)

116 million total

Language family:
Language codes
ISO 639-1: Kr
ISO 639-2: Kra
ISO 639-3: Kra
Kera(లుగుളം Kāireh) is the official of the Unitary State of Sarawan. Kera, whose speakers are called Keraigu(లుగుളംನ್ನಡ Kāireghanta), has 116 million speakers wordwide (25.8 million in Nadu). It is the 10th most spoken langauge in the world. It is also the largest Dravidian Language.
Kera Speaking areas

Where Kera is spoken
Official area
Certain primary or secondary area
Recognized Minority area

The official writing system is Kera Script(లుగుളംசுவடிKāireh Koariccuvaṭi "Kera writing"), a evolved form of the Kadamba alphabet, along with Kannada.

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