Motto: 'Onen Hag Oll' (One and All, Cornish)
Capital Truru
Demonym Kernowek, Cornish
Government Unitary Non-Metropolitan Shire of Wessex
• Gemoteldra
Marghak Gwynn
Legislature Kernowekshire Gemot
• Total
3,536 km2 (1,365 sq mi)
• Census
Kernowekshire also known as Cornwall, is a non-metropolitan shire of Wessex located in the South West Region. The shire borders Defnashire to the east and the Celtic Sea to the west. Kernowekshire is the eastern-most shire of Wessex, with is Shire Town located in Truru, while other major urban centres include Aberfala, Tewynblustri, and Pensanns. 

Kernowekshire is located in the ancient region of Dumnonia, named after the Dumonii, the Celtic Tribe which inhabited the region before the Wessen Invasion in the 7th century. The Cornish people are a Celtic ethnic group, and a recognised ethnic minority in Wessex, the Cornish language also has protected minority language status. 


Kernowekshire is governed by the Kernowek Gemot, which consists of 123 members, elected from each of the Gemot Districts. The shire's Gemoteldra is currently Marghak Gwynn, a member of the Labour Party of Wessex. 

Traditionally, Kernowekshire's representatives in the Sela jaf Maod have been predominantly members of the liberal convervative Labour Party, however recently the shire has seen more SLP voters since 2005. 


Kernowekshire is among the poorest areas of Wessex by GDP per capita, with an economy focused around Agriculture, Tourism and the Service Industry. Historically, Kernowekshire was famous for its Tin reserves, which proved highly useful during Wessex's Golden Era between 1850 and 1900. However much of the tin reserves had already been depleated by English and Wessen mining centuries before and as of 2013 almost all Tin mines in Kernowekshire has closed. 

Tourism is the largest sector of Kernowekshire's economy, which is mainly due to the shire's unique culture, spectacular landscape and mild climate. Wessen and British people alike commonly visit Kernowekshire during the summer months. Tourism makes up for apporixmatly 40% of Wessex's gross domestic product. 



Traditionally Kernowekshire is regarded as a predominantly Christian region, when compared to other shires such as Sumorsetshire or Wiltonshire, which have a larger population of Pagans. According to the 2013 census, 64% of the population Kernowekshire stated that they were of some denomination of Christianity. This is relfected in the shire's unique culture.