republic of Keroun
Keroun yo Impyong
Keroun flag
Flag Coat of arms
Keroun map
and largest city
Official languages Kerounese
Recognised regional languages

Japanese Korean

Ethnic groups

Kerounese 89% Japanese 5% Korean 3.5%

Chinese 3.5%
Demonym Kerounese
Government unitary presidential republic
• president
Kim Chang-Li
Establishment october 1, 2002
• Estimate
Currency Chounegoung (KCG)
Crystal 128 package settings
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Keroun is a country that dominates most of East Asia. It was created when one of the last Korean empires invented a deadly weapon and took over parts of Japan, China and other east Asian countries. Keroun has a powerful army and is a very powerful republic.


Keroun was born from a small group of the remaining Korean cities after multiple attacks from the Chinese. They invented powerful weapons, such as Super Epic Explosion Bombs, and fought back and reclaimed their land as well as other lands. When the republic of Keroun was founded after Keroun's conquer of Manchuria, the capital, Huonpong, was founded as the national capital. 

Conquer of the East Asian coast

After Keroun conquered Manchuria, they decided to take over more lands in east Asia. So using their bombs, they took over China's coast and all of Vietnam. This gave Keroun control of very big seaports.

Conquer of the Phillipines

Then, Keroun used their epic bombs to take over the Phillipines and other Pacific Islands.


Keroun's government is an unitary presidential republic. It's president is Kim Chang-Li.


Keroun has a huge maglev train system that runs through all the territories and lands. It runs through every major city including: Huonpong, Shanghai, Manila and some others. There are also major highways that run throughout the land.


Keroun's climate varies depending on where you are. If you are in the northern regions, there are shorter summers and long cold winters. However, if you are in the Vietnam and Phillipines areas then there are hot summers and short winters.