Kethrianism Was a religion in South Medonia. By 550CT, it only existed in Paledonia and fragment regions elsewhere.



The religion existed since before 2000CT. It began in a city in a west sect of South Medonia. Through missionary travels, it slowly spread through the continent.


The spread of Kethrianism.
White was Kethrian majority before 2000PT, while red wasn't converted until after 500CT.

By 300, the spread of the Religion began to further slow down, due to it's followers not going on as much travels. This in itself was caused by the seemed success of the religion, which no longer needed to grow in their eyes.

The last major missionary travel was the spread to Paledonia, which lasted until 520CT.


After 50, areas which were previously Kethrian, deconverted, due to parents failing to indoctrinate their children post 500.

As the drop of Kethrian youth continued, followers of Kethrianism aged, and eventually died. This effect began to take it's toll on the religion by 550, as the majority of South Medonia was no winger Kethrian.

Despite this, Paledonia was relatively unaffected. Kethrianism continued to grow in power there.


Areas with majority Kethrianism past 550CT.


Kethrians believe in a god named Baestroni. He, along with the other gods were given a planet. Baestroni was given Loreon. On Loreon Baestroni created the humans and animals with merging water with stone. When you die, you become a god and get your own planet.


Eternalism is the only surviving denomination of Kethrianism. They believe the universe always had gods and planets. They believe Baestroni was once a mortal, as was all the gods before him.


Stronism is an extinct denomination. They believed Baestroni was the original god, who was never mortal.

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