The Coat of Arms of the Khan of Turkestan

The Khan is the head of state of the Khanate of Turkestan. While only retaining a cultural and ceremonial role, the Khan is tasked with few important functions, he is the Commander in the Chief of the Turkestan Armed Forces, and the Royal Guard of Turkestan, aswell as overseeing the implementation of the Consitution of Turkestan in its government. 

The current Khan, as of 2013, is Munir Nahaznyit II, along with the Khanbikeh of Turkestan, or the Queen, the Khan's Wife, Ismaia Nahaznyit, and the Khanzadeh of Turkestan, or the Prince, the Khan's son. Together the Khan, the Khanbikeh, and the Khanzadeh, make up the Royal Family of Turkestan as it is known in Western Monarchies. 

Many have criticised the Khan and the Royal Family, saying that they 'live off the state' even though this is not particularly true, and the People's Assembly of Turkestan has held several discussions regarding the possilbe dissolution of the monarchy, as per many politicians and citizens opinions. With the possible dissolution as early as 2015.

Duties of the Khan


The Ak Orda Khan Palace in Astana.

  • To Represent the Nation of Turkestan to foreign delegate, along with the Prime Minister and Ambassadors.
  • To give an opening speech at the beginning Parliament each year, if deemed necessary.
  • To give an Annual Speech to the Nation of Turkestan alongside the Prime Minister's Annual Speech to the nation.
  • The represent the Commander in Cheif of the Armed Forces of Turkestan, outside of the official command structure
  • To be full Commander of the Royal Guard of Turkestan.
  • To ensure the implementation of the Constitution of the Nation of Turkestan in the running of the government.
  • To represent the Cultural History of the Turkic Peoples.

Khans of Turkestan

In Turkestan's History there have only been two Khans, the first, Munir Nahaznyit I, who died in 2005, leaving the rule to the then Khanzadeh of Turkestan, Munir Nahaznyit II, who is the current Khan. The next in line for the role as Khan is Nazahnyit II's son, Yusef Nahazknyit. 

Khan Length of Rule
Munir Nahaznyit I 1992 - 2005
Munir Nahaznyit II 2005 - Current

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