City of Khatanga
Khatanga Location
Region. Taymiria-Khatanga
Province. Khatanga Province
Inhabited since. 17th century
 - Total

401,9 km²
 - 2007 census
 - Density

?/km² (2007)
Postal code 400XXX

Khatanga (Хатанга) is a rural locality (sely) located on the Khatanga river, on the Taymyr Peninsula, in Taymiria-Khatanga, Kara Republiik, south the Arctic Ocean. It is one of the northernmost inhabited localities in Kara. Its elevation is 98 ft (30 m) above sea level. Population: 9.905 (2007 Census). The name Khatanga means "large water" in the local Evenki language. The settlement is known to have existed since the 17th century. It is served by Khatanga Airport.

Khatanga is sometimes visited by Western sightseers touring the surrounding natural wilderness in Kara Republiik. Amenities in Khatanga include an airport, a hotel, a natural history museum, and weather reporting stations.

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